5 Fresh Minutes IT is a blog about new information technologies.

It is intended for developers and IT architect. It is mainly Java-oriented, and remains open to other languages ​​such as JavaScript and Scala.

The concept

Each item on 5 Fresh Minutes IT must allow you in 5 minutes to learn or relearn something useful. What you read should be able to be reused in your everyday projects.

The author

My name is Eric Vialle, I live in Paris, France. I am an engineer and I mainly develop Java applications server. I’m also a PHP developer, I founded the Wedus.org Project, which I ran for 2 years. I was fortunate to have practiced my skills in South Korea, London, England and even Burkina Faso. I worked for 10 years in the banking / insurance industry, from now on I’m getting closer to the car industry…

I want to share my technological watch, as well as remember some good old concepts that we forget if we do not practice them regularly.

The picture of the homepage is from Charis Trevis (under creative license creatives)